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Step 1: Watch this video, then proceed to next step

Step 2: Read Criteria Below

How this works:

Part 1: Leads are generated by filing out a web form in which they have requested to start a business from home with a minimum investment required. Each lead includes the prospects, name, telephone number, email address and sometimes mailing address. ALL LEADS ARE DELIVERED IN REAL TIME!

Part 2: The call center will call your leads and use a customized script to pique interest, give them orientation video, and confirm that they wish to be called to move forward with opportunity. ALL CONFIRMED LEADS ARE DELIVERED IN REAL TIME!

All together: You may call all of your leads from part 1 or you may wait and call only the ones from Part 2. It is completely up to you. It is recommended that you call all of them. Using both parts will give you PRE QUALIFIED LEADS that have been exposed to the opportunity and ready for more information. THE BEST!

- All orders come with personalized script

- It is advised to have call center work for you

- This service is ONLY an OPTION. No obligations

- One time $25 fee for call center is waived IF you mention "Brent Miller" on your order

- All sales are final. No refunds.

Step 3: Follow These Simple Instructions To Get Leads Today!

- Click this link --- > Daily Money Team Lead Source

- Click "Leads" then "National Leads"

- Choose your quantity, place order, and select "Daily Bread Givers" as company

- Click "We Call Your Leads For You" on the left

- Select quantity of hours and place order (min 5 hours)

- The one time $25 fee for call center is waived IF you mention "Brent Miller" on your order

- Script for call center reps has been provided already. No need to make one up.


Questions about leads? Call Enrique Garibay @ Tel 785.539.6904